Hatua brings the future of mobility to Africa


Established in 2020 and originated to change the mobility industry, Hatua is an ambitious and tech driven player in the East-African market. Our product offering consists of bicycles, more particular on paddle bicycles, e-bikes, and e-cargo bikes. We develop bicycles particularly suitable for the harsh African circumstances both rural and urban. Because clean mobility is at the core of our business concept, we also take lead in realizing a charging infrastructure for (solar) battery charging. We are highly ambitious and strive to have 1 million bikes on African roads by 2030. In doing so we will contribute to economic development, create employment and contribute to cleaner air and reduction of greenhouse gases. 



Carrying capacity of 100kg+ loads • Spare parts widely available • Basic model and options for model with gears


Driving range of 100KM+ • Swappable battery • GPS tracking • Especially suited for food delivery

E-cargo bikes

Driving range of 80KM+ • Swappable battery • GPS tracking • Especially suited for parcel delivery


Design for Africa

Africa needs a unique approach. Simply importing off the shelve bikes from Asia will not work. Our products will take in to account the heat and dust of the African roads.

Smartphone only

In Kenya 97% of people have ready access to a smartphone and 80% uses their smartphone to make payments.

Integrated asset financing

For unbanked Africans, we want to remove the barrier of up-front cost. This is why we will have to offer an integrated asset financing solution for the purchase of our bikes.

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